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04 November 2014


Symphony of the Night

If Mario is the Beatles and Zelda is the Rolling Stones then Castlevania is the Velvet Underground of video games. Typical of games coming out of Japan, it takes non-dogmatic view of world religious history, introducing characters and monsters and concepts from many different cultures and mashing them up into something very unique. The unique monsters in Castlevania games can number in the hundreds, evolving into the kind of zoological/tactical bestiaries that were kept in medieval times by men of science (by the way back then science was called "magic"). These undead creatures reside in gothic horror atmsopheres of castles, clock towers, graveyards, underground caverns, great cathedrals, etc. Symphony of the Night was a unique entry in the series as the entire game took place inside a single castle, presenting the most spectacular experience of Impossible Architecture one could hope for. It's a shame that video games gave up 2d for 3d because this is easily one of the most beautiful games ever made.

Here I've presented my first-ever Let's Play, which was prompted when I finally verified my youtube account and wanted to test and see if I really could upload videos that were hours-long. They are presented without commentary, so if you like this kind of thing, enjoy!

Let's Play Symphony of the Night LUCK MODE 1/3 Beating the game in 1 hour
Let's Play Symphony of the Night LUCK MODE 2/3 My life as a bat

27 October 2014


Orchestral Beatles Keyboard Noise Cover 10 Years Before It Was Cool

Flaming Lips have an album out of Beatles covers, many of which have this noise that they have cultivated (and have been working towards really their whole career or at least since Ronald Jones played guitar). It's this orchestral, overblown electronic mishmash of rock and pop and chaotic compositional techniques. Ten years ago I started Dust Bunnies, an Atlanta band who played shoe gaze-inspired covers of Beatles and Velvet Underground and Leonard Cohen. The main inspiration was a specific heartbreak plus the slowed-down wall of sound approach from 90s noise rock bands like Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized. The Flaming Lips were a huge influence on me as well-Zaireeka in particular. The first time I ever played a show with Atlanta musicians was in Athens for a Zaireeka listening party. The show featured most of the original members of the Black Lips.

Anyways they were a big influence. I mainly got into them through "Bad Days" on the Batman Forever soundtrack, then Clouds Taste Metallic and Transmissions.... I found almost all of their 90s CDs used at a record store in Gwinnett and was in love with those albums. Their show at the Masquerade in 1999 was a life-changing experience, making me buy a theremin like the one I saw Cornelius play (covering "Love Me Tender" by Elvis).

I enjoyed the new Beatles comp the Flaming Lips did but parts of it feel like lousy performances just edited together in a cool way. Some of the singing is really shitty. All the keyboard stuff and orchestration is amazing. I don't think I'll listen to this more than once cos you are honestly better off listening to Hit to Death in the Future Head. My favorite Lips is still the early 90s wall of guitars punk stuff.

25 October 2014


Raaaaats Raaaaats Raaaaats Raaaaats

So here's another song I came up with while recording something else ("Clover"), and it's called "Gotta East Some Rats". Actually maybe it should just be called "Rats". I'm really bad at naming songs and don't know if "Gotta Eat Some Rats" looks stupid and like something you wouldn't want to hear or not. I am too close to this song, which is something that happens when I work on some artistic endeavor.

At first it started out an exercise in some droney punk mantra driven by drum machine, like a Suicide song or something, but based on the videogame Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. In the game you are a stealth spy infiltrating jungle bases in some alternate universe Cold War of 1964. To survive you have to kill and eat fauna such as snakes, rats, goats, toads, etc. I came up with a middle 8 Lite that sounded a little like T-Rex when I played it back with vocals recorded. Anyways check it out. Like everything else I do it is underwritten and a little sloppy, yet well-recorded and somewhat structured, and kind of meandering into some psychedelic droney guitar ending.

The bit where I say "rrrrrrrrats" in a couple different voices at once was inspired by an old musical colleague of mine, Phiiliip, who had a cool noise track called "Jizz Rats" on his album "Pet Cancer". Phiiliip is BRILLIANT and his albums are basically if Syd Barrett had come out of retirement in the 90s and joined Beck's band for Odelay.

Check out my full album (which is 19 songs in and still growing) at Bandcamp

14 October 2014


"Clover" new Dust Bunnies song 90s britpop Syd Barrett shoegazewave

I wrote this song recently in the living room, just improvising the melody and singing about things in the room. Once I added some drums cut up from Phantasy Star IV (1993 for Sega Genesis) it quickly became clear that this should be a 90s Britpop-style shoegazey dance track. So that's sort of what I was going for here. I did mean to do a lot more to this recording but I always over-produce things so listened to it today and it sounded good enough to want to put on the album. So hope you enjoy it! Remember, new Dust Bunnies (2xLP) coming out Halloween!

01 October 2014


Super Madrigal Brothers

A long time ago I was in a chiptune band called Super Madrigal Brothers, started in 2001 by Scottish musician/author Momus. I made a really cool website called www.supermadrigalbros.com, which you can still see via the web archive. It's a pretty amazing trip back in time for me. Includes lots of graphics cribbed from Castlevania and other games, plus an omnichord-powered minigame thing where you can sweep some Super Mario Bros. 3 stars to play a minor key electronic thing.

Read (very little) about us at Wikipedia

29 August 2014


new Dust Money song for fans of 60s psychedelic pop & lofi!

You won't believe this one weird trick and it's 2005 again!

27 August 2014


Music Industry Lawyers Defeat Independent Artists Yet Again

I recorded a cover of The Beatles "I'm So Tired" years and years ago, and I uploaded it to Mediafire years and years ago. The White Album is probably my favorite all-time rock/pop album. It raised me. I remember hearing my parents' original vinyl record spinning while I was playing with action figures as a little kid. My mom used to sing me to sleep as a baby to "Goodnight". When I was a teenager I bought a copy on 2xCD. In my 20s I was able to track down an original vinyl for purchase, and later, a vinyl re-release. How many times must we pay for the same music, over and over again?

My main music project, Dust Bunnies, originated nearly 10 years ago as a personal expression of how much I love classic rock music, and I shared my recordings ALWAYS free of charge. Eventually I started getting DMCA takedown notices. I tried to fight them but the burden of proof is always on the accused, the little guy, to justify his/her voice in the face of copyright lawyers. This is not copyrighted music, this is not ripped from a CD! This is my own performance! My own instrumentation and arrangements! Apparently the long tradition of folk music, of reinterpreting and rediscovering, has no place in the IP economy.

So I'm shutting down my Mediafire account for good. It's served me well, as well as others. It hosted the first two Back Pockets albums I recorded. It hosted the video collage I made for Deerhunter's "Rainwater Cassette Exchange" EP. It hosted a number of albums and singles and EPs and demos and in-works tracks from a number of bands that I have played in, recorded with, and/or produced. Me deleting my Mediafire account will result in hundreds of broken links on this blog, so I apologize if you are trying to download something. I'm just sick of these notices, and I don't want to end up in any legal trouble. I just want to state that AT NO TIME DID I EVER HOST MUSIC DIRECTLY RIPPED FROM COMMERCIAL DISC. I know copyright lawyers are reading this (they are one of my few regular readers) so let me restate that, and underline it in bold:


If you need to purchase the Beatles "White Album" please go to Amazon and buy it. Like your parents did and maybe your grandparents as well. Because whoever is making money off music recorded 44 years ago REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY needs the money. So do the right thing and buy it again.


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