Rabbits Full of Magic

25 June 2015


Dark Souls ft. super early Deerhunter show

I've been playing a lot of Dark Souls and Dark Souls II, and I listen to music when I play. I have wanted to capture some video of this, so I just uploaded a video featuring some super archaic microcasette field recording, of practices, various shows, and hanging out with friends. All this took place in early 2000s and it involved a Kiwis practice, the sounds of me and some friends walking to a venue in East Atlanta called Lenny's, a really early Deerhunter show, and a super secret other band practice that will remain a mystery.

24 June 2015


Seven in Heaven

T-rex/FFVIII riff

I want you to know 'm an animal
I'm an animal look into my skull
I'm an animal look into my skull
I want you to know I'm an animal

Seven in heaven seven in heaven

I play videogames to keep from going insane
I don't drive a car but I'll go real far
I draw triangles for to put you inside
I draw a magic circle for to keep me alive

Seven in heaven seven in heaven

from In Search of Graphics, released 05 May 2015
acoustic guitars, handclaps, bass, voc by Adam Bruneau
tags: alternative art rock lofi noise rock psychedelic shoegaze Atlanta
license all rights reserved

10 June 2015


Pest Control

The 2015 Dust Bunnies album "IN SEARCH OF GRAPHICS" is now almost done! Well maybe not almost done as in finished but it almost has enough material for me to consider it "an album". You can download all Dust Bunnies music for free from Bandcamp, but beware that the albums are constantly shifting, some songs are added and others taken away, new mixes uploaded, demos replaced with 'real' recordings, etc.

This is a song I wrote today waiting for pest control to come. When they appeared I opened a random door and it had two roaches in it. Summer in the fucking southern city.

Anyways it was supposed to be a punk song or a DEVO song or something but I think it sounds more like an industrial or noisey buzzy insect rock than anything. I'm having trouble fitting it on "IN SEARCH OF GRAPHICS" because the album is mostly a DUST BUNNIES version of classic rock or slow wussy shit so this really doesn't go well with the others. I might end up sequencing it in alphabetical order to just eliminate any hierarchy or intentional flow from teh start.

08 June 2015


Hyper Real Steal Deal

25 May 2015


new Dust Bunnies song "You Know It All When You're Young"

Jesus was an only son
And happiness is a warm gun
Evolution is for the dumb
You know it all when you're young

You know it all when you're young
You know it all when you're young
So don't regret what you've done
You know it all when you're young

Try not to think of what came before
Nostalgia is madness
Believe in yourself, you've got no one else to believe in

15 May 2015


New Music New Video Art

"Listerine" is inspired by all of the medieval books I have been reading I wanted to do something in the style of Syd Barrett or some other medieval dreamy psychedelia. It doesn't rock but I hope it's dreamy enough of a way to spend a few minutes.

Tonight I have a few videos in a show at the Eyedrum, so if you are in Atlanta and want to see some cool stuff, check it out!


01 May 2015


Konami Ambient Remix

Castlevania, Metal Gear, Contra


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