Rabbits Full of Magic

21 November 2015


Dust Bunnies cover Velvet Underground and David Bowie

Just me playing in my room with an acoustic guitar and a mic hooked up to a delay pedal.

18 November 2015


I uploaded a video of me playing Castlevania for NES. It's the original game. I have a lot of free time nowadays so I play a lot of video games. I sort of missed out on having a social life and having a wife and kids but that is ok. I can still enjoy the things I love. Music and video games and film mostly. Fantasy culture is my favorite. So here is Castlevania. A Japanese interpretation of Western Gothic themes and electronic Hammer Horror culture. I can make it about 10 minute in a single credit.
By the way Night Terrors HD by Dust Bunnies

25 September 2015


John Ford, Cowboy Songs, etc.

I watched "My Darling Clementine" (1946) by John Ford last night. It was incredible, simply the most beautiful western movie I have ever seen. There are Good Guys and Bad Guys but the lines are blurry. And they are not wholly defined by their Goodness or Badness. Well, except for town gossip/drama queen Chihuahua, perhaps. Anyways it inspired me to sing this song. I hope you like it.


28 August 2015


Egyptian Magic

This is a song I made up last summer, when I had a 4-track app and my drums and all my equipment held up in my room. I had been living in a really cool place for a few years with a bunch of rehearsal space that I was using to record and write, and everyone ended up getting thrown out of the house. Some of the newer roommates were causing drama and the landlord decided it would be easier to just sell the house. I lost my theremin and had some equipment fucked up by these people. Anyways it's a large part of my I am not playing out in the scene anymore. Not having a car is another reason. I'm basically a hermit, working on videos, editing stuff, doing animation freelance to cover rent food and some video games. It's a blast though, and I am incredibly blessed with some great friends, amazing art, a beautiful city, and the freedom to write angular noisey abstract pop songs whenever I want to. God bless America.


Dust Bunnies "Outside of My Face"

This is kind of a noisey drone. Mainly about tone and energy, it kind of builds up, but doesn't really do much.

25 August 2015


Dust Bunnies - Dreamy 3 & Food For the Moon live

14 August 2015


"The Vaguest Taste of Fortune"

New Dust Bunnies track is up, bringing the total for this year's album to 17 tracks! There are still a handful of songs that have been started and not finished so this will probably continue to grow into a 2xLP or whatever. This is a song I started writing a long time ago, like 6 or 7 years ago, and at first I wanted to sketch out some additional lyrics and stuff but every time I tried it made the song all about some idealized hippie bs and I realized the whole meaning of the song is a spiritual and anti-material thing so I might as well turn it into a chant that just loops.

25 July 2015


"Dreamy 3" New Music from the Dust Bunnies

I am really proud of this song, I was going to call "Forever If You Want Me To" but I like the name "Dreamy 3" better, which is what it's been called as a project file. It's kind of halfway between last year's Dust Bunnies album and this year's. The vocals finally don't sound like crap because I auto-tuned them. I recorded 4 different versions of this file, some with more drums, some as muddy ambient washes of guitar, but this is the best. I really want to emphasize that cool guitar loop that starts up near the beginning, it's my favorite part of the song. It pretty much IS the song.

send me a postcard drop me a line 
i will send kisses over the wire 
i will wait for you 
forever if you want me to 
forever if you want me to 
in the cloud we're streaming 
duplicate the meaning 
teach yourself a fine point 
drink from cups of bats 
i will wait for you 
forever if you want me to 
forever if you want me to

I wrote the song in about an hour or so, playing around with different arrangements of the chord structure first, then writing some lyrics, then rehearsing that as a SONG and seeing what else can be done. That is how the ending came to be, the repeated chorus over 2 chords back to back. That part was inspired by The Velvet Underground's "I Heard Her Call My Name".

"Dreamy 3" is part of a free album I am writing in 2015. Every year since I stopped performing live shows I have been constantly writing and recording. I started using bandcamp last year mainly to archive my original material. There is no concept to any of my albums other than just write and record what I want. A lot of the songs could be considered demos for a 'real' album recorded in a 'real' studio at some fantasy time and place in the future.

Previously this blog hosted the first era of Dust Bunnies music, which was based on covers of copyrighted material, and ended up causing me a deal of trouble, so unfortunately if you are looking for that stuff it has been taking offline and all old links are probably dead.

Dust Bunnies "Dreamy 3" on Bandcamp


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