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30 June 2014


Night Terrors HD


The Ramones inspired me to start my first band ever, The Plastic Caskets, which was a shitty punk band out in Buford, GA. Plastic Caskets would play various area birthday parties and house shows, including Shelly's place. Shelly was one of my mom's best friends since we were kids, and she was a wild spirit out in the Georgia suburbs. She ran a hair salon out of her house and was always blasting B-52s, and her kids were always doing stuff like dying their hair bright green and making foot-tall mohawks and wearing clown shoes (and babysitting us) and stuff. REAL INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE. Anyways they used to throw epic shows in the basement, and that was where I played my first shows with a band and also my first solo shows. I used to do this thing called The Ralph Nader Audio Circus, and it was me, a guitar, a casio keyboard, a theremin, and some pre-taped backing tracks I made in Fruity Loops. That basement was magical, just like the family that lived in the house. Shelly eventually passed away due to cancer, but I will never forget her or her magical wonderland out in the sticks of Georgia.

So yay! Hit a major speed bump earlier this month irt living situations, music-playing-space availability, etc. But the Dust Bunnies 2014 album project continues on. The newest song opens the album at this point, and is called "Wah Wah Wah (I'm a Baby on the Internet)". This song sort of sprung to life because my dad, who spent years avoiding FacistBook, finally joined last year, and immediately some drama started to naturally spring out of the digital ether. I would tell him, dude, if it wasn't for FB, this wouldn't even be an issue, like, it wouldn't even be on your mind AT ALL. I think at some point I ended up whining about something or posting some passive aggressive thing and realizing this is just the way it is, and that maybe because the internet is so new, it's sort of like you walk into a room where you can hear everybody's thoughts at once. We aren't use to having to self-censor because communication between people has usually been only one-on-one, with lots of practical barriers that are completely gone now that you can say whatever and have it instantly transmitted around the world to everyone you know. WikiLeaks, that racist basketball team owner, that congressman who sent a dick pic, etc. are all evidence that this stuff is changing the world and we are all babies in this new Information Age.

Oh, and I changed the name of the band to Dust Money. I don't know, I might change it back to Dust Bunnies, maybe, I don't know. It doesn't sound tough or cool in any way to me at the moment, but I like Dust Money for a bunch of reasons. For one, I like the idea of burning money. Electro act The KLF famously once burned a million quid and the point where the Joker says he wants to burn that mountain of money in The Dark Knight is my favorite part of that entire Batman series. Also a week or two ago I was looking through old CDs with a friend and we kept finding CD rot, the plastic coating on the discs just crumbling away like dust. Here was a box full of hundreds of dollars worth of music, most of it purchased less than 15 years ago, and it was quickly disintegrating. It's a sad state of affairs, and one more reason that if I ever do a physical release of this stuff, IT IS GOING TO BE ON VINYL. I was playing records the other day and put on Yello's "One Second" LP, which was physically warped with one side of the record bent upwards, and it still played flawlessly. Seriously, eff CDs for life.

13 June 2014


Spiritual Punk

This is a noise/punk song I wrote about a year ago but haven't gotten around to really recording until yesterday. My friend Jennifer (who sang and played bass with me in the Kiwis) plays bass and sings backing vocals here. Lyrics:

I'll never be destroyed
I'll never be destroyed
I'll never be destroyed
I'll never be destroyed

Look at me and see a shadow
Cos I'm the shadow of God
Every day I'm a new man
Cos I'm changing a lot

I'll never be destroyed
I'll never be destroyed
I'll never be destroyed
I'll never be destroyed

Take your birth and your death
Try to read between the lines
Someday I will be a star
Spinning around while I shine

I'll never be destroyed
I'll never be destroyed
I'll never be destroyed
I'll never be destroyed

12 June 2014


Chromatic Fugue

Neu! meets Guided By Voices

So I have a new USB Interface! But this new song, "Chromatic Fugue", was done before I got it, so it was recorded and written on 4-Track Lite software for Android. I have a portable tablet my parents gave me for Christmas and it has a really nice tape sound to it. It really reminds me of 4-track tapes I used to do. At any rate since I am being kicked out of my house (and my keep in mind my landlord David is super cool and the past 3 years have been a dream and life-changing and I hope he makes enough money to move to Hawaii or something cool!) I will loose access to my ability to record cos I can't really play drums in the 2nd floor of an apartment building with dozens of neighbors. So I am writing songs during the day when I have a few hours, using my room as a studio. This one was done before I brought half of my drum set up to my dad's house in the N. GA mountains. I played tom and snare for most of it for a Moe Tucker feeling. I am actually playing along to a Neu! song and I hope you can't hear it too well because I don't want to get in trouble for sampling or something. All the music you are hearing is mine, though the general rhythm may be mostly Neu!.

04 June 2014


I'll Never Be Destroyed

Lofi/punk/noise/shitgaze new song. Guitar Bass Drums Vocals Adam Bruneau 2014.

01 June 2014


Dust Bunnies Debut Album Kidnapped By Hippies!

Don't worry, it's still coming. I just won't be able to use my good mic for a while, so look forward to lofi noise and punk type stuff. This is "Hippie Fuck You" a song I wrote this morning to vent some frustration. The snare has a really cool sound to it because I mic'd it and fed it through a guitar amp with lots of reverb. It basically sounded like a Joy Division kit when I played around on it, and recorded, it came out heavily compressed so there is this constant wash of white noise after every snare hit. But you won't notice because there's a tornado of guitars and echo'd out vocals making things very disorienting. I will re-record this stuff once I get moved and have the equipment again!

I have posted a handful of new songs, including "199X" (Sonic Youth meets Stereolab-style feat. Paul Harper of Deerhunter) and Castlevania (Slim Whitman meets Syd Barrett).

17 May 2014


Dust Bunnies debut album coming this Halloween!


I am proud to announce a forthcoming debut album of 100% original material from Atlanta rock group Dust Bunnies, to be released this Halloween. Read about it here, because due to my lack of public performances and dropping out of the social scene, I am more or less a ghost in the Atlanta music community. Recently I ran into a local music reviewer who had interviewed me multiple times for multiple bands over the years, and he was under the impression that I had moved away. No, I just stay home and write music instead of going out to a bar or art gallery. Actually, I'm more likely to stay home and play videogames, then get distracted by a musical idea after 20 minutes, then record that, then get distracted during recording that with ANOTHER song idea, etc. It's pretty exciting. I haven't felt this creative since I was 18 and had my first Tascam 4-track. I remember writing songs solely to practice arranging, or solely to experiment with the sounds I could get. Well this album is going to be sort of like that.

One of the things that has always bugged me about recorded music is that there seems to be a fixed, "official" version of a song. If you hear an artist's demo or live recording, it somehow has less legitimacy than the studio take, with all it's overdubs, hours of pondering arrangements, hours perfecting vocal takes, etc. I have been recording for 15 years now, and feel technologically at the place where I can record something and give it the necessary amount of polish to make it sound professional. At least with my limited musical skills and singing voice. So this new album is going to sound like a REAL STUDIO ALBUM, at this point I'm imagining something like The White Album with a bunch of different but related genres drifting in and out of teach other. In short I am really excited, and have in the past few months have already written a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes worth of material.

The Dust Bunnies debut album is as yet untitled but that will eventually change. Also the tracklisting will change, with new songs being added as they are completed. On Halloween I should have a title and album art and definitive tracklisting, and at that point it will be for sale on my bandcamp page. Until then, you can witness the evolution of the album as I write and record, and download it for free.

Any inquiries can be directed to me at adam [dot] bruneau [at] gmail [dot] com. I do not have a physical release planned for this but am open to the idea of a 2xLP vinyl issue. I also am not signed to any record label, nor are any of my songs registered with publishing companies. I am doing this all 100% by myself. Note that I will not respond to solicitors - if you have a compilation you want me on and need a fee from me, keep dreaming.

15 May 2014


Dust Bunnies cover Roy Orbison

The first concert I ever attended was The Beach Boys and Roy Orbison, and that quivering voice has always been this haunting, larger than life musical force for me. It's music that is incredibly vulnerable and emotional, yet with a tough rock n roll edge to it. This is an attempt by me to pull off a Orbison impression, and I taped it in about an hour, playing everything including drums, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and vocals.


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