Rabbits Full of Magic

16 April 2014


Anarchy in the LHC

This new song from Dust Bunnies is more or less my attempt at a circa-2005 Deerhunter tribute. Guitar, bass, drums, and vocals by Adam Bruneau.

My good mic (a Yeti Blue Pro) has been crapping out on me recently (due to wear & tear on the USB plug) and finally gave up the digital ghost so for the time being I'm recording on an Android tablet with a free app called 4-Tracks Lite. The free version is as easy to use as a real 4-track, though it only records in 11025Hz bitrate. Personally, I find digital recorders with low bitrates can provide a lofi experience very akin to an old tape recorder, or old school telephone answering machine.

08 April 2014


Any Way This Could Happen

New Dust Bunnies original song. One acoustic playing the chord loop (E F#m G#m A G#m F#m E), one guitar playing a drone in E, an organ playing a drone in E, and two lead vocals. This week I should be getting a home record lathe so I plan on starting to cut flexi disc version of these songs. So next time you see me I may be handing out free records!

06 April 2014


Dust Bunnies' new psychedelic drone folk song "Talking a Lot"

Look ma, I made another song. Lots of Em on this one.

28 March 2014


Dust Bunnies new song "Wahwahwah Imma Baby on the Internet"

A song about whining on the internet, inspired by me whining on the internet, then carried to it's logical extreme, a Ramones-style 3-chord 21C garage tune.


Wah wah wah Imma baby on the internet
Wah wah I wanna meet my baby on the internet
Wah wah wah You're a baby on the internet too

Why why why don't you kissa me no more
Bye bye bye what you said goin out the door
Wha wha wha whats the matter with me baby?

I've been recording lots more songs. For some reason my microphone (Yeti Blue Pro) adds clicks and pops into everything I do. I may have a bad USB cable? Or need to get a USB hub? Not sure what's going on but at any rate every time this week that I have sat down with Ableton and tried to record something I've been working on, I got distracted and ended up coming up with a new song on the spot instead! Which is cool! This kind of productivity has never really happened to me before, and it's a breath of fresh air. The bad side is that I am starting to suspect the things I'm making, and I'm starting to wonder if I'm too close to this stuff to offer a truly objective viewpoint on it. Maybe it is horrible crap? I guess I don't really care and it's not hurting anyone if I put it out and nobody listens to it. So listen to it! Maybe you will like it! I like it (for now)!

I'm real excited by these songs. They are actually sort of fitting with the Dust Bunnies aesthetic that I thought was done and tired by now. I try and make them mean something, but the lyrics aren't strictly literal or autobiographical. There are two more new ones that I'd like to finish up and get on Bandcamp this weekend, but it depends on if I end up dragging my drumset upstairs to my bedroom. They are both on Ableton, so they sound like I recorded in a real expensive studio that threw little clicks and pops all over the songs. Stay tuned!

20 March 2014


Dust Bunnies Bandcamp for Free

By the way, all songs on the Dust Bunnies Bandcamp are now free. I've got a lot of songs written for future recording projects. I may not be able to go to your benefit (for yourself) this weekend because I am working on original music.

18 March 2014


Brokent Beauty: A Show On Glitch

Punks of the video world, glitch artists, use a wide array of new and old technologies to rebel against the hyper-slick and glossy world of contemporary media. Using their VCR's binary code, circuit boards, gaming consoles and video mixers, they strive to find the soul of the machine while showing viewers that broken is beautiful!

Contraband Cinema will be presenting works by Tachyons +, Great Nordic Sword Fights, Big Pauper and local artists Michael Betancourt, Adam Bruneau, Anna Spence and Chris Chambers will be in attendance!

Saturday March 22nd 8pm at Beep Beep Gallery

$7 at the door

09 March 2014


Vacant Cloud

This started out as a simple Beat Happening riff, which I realized was probably a simple Kurt Vile rip, then I realized it's probably a Georgiana Starlington rip. No matter! It's a new song, and I wrote it! Recording this was a breeze, and I tried my best to not go overboard like I do sometimes. When you have an infinite number of tracks you can keep piling things on top of, you are just as likely to end up with a mushy mess as you are a Wall Of Sound masterpiece. Arranging is an art, and here I am trying to Keep It Simple, Stupid. So this is the most boring arrangement I could come up with, and I think it still sounds pretty good!

The Dust Bunnies are a former string-gaze cover act and current musical outlet for Adam Bruneau. Adam is taking a social-musical hiatus in order to write his own material, possibly for an upcoming vinyl release. You can contact him at "adam dot bruneau at email dot com".


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